The One Health platform is a scientific reference network that brings together researchers and experts to better understand and prepare for zoonotic disease outbreaks from animals to humans and gain insight into antimicrobial resistance, including the environmental factors that impact disease dynamics.

One Health recognizes the connection between the health of people, animals and the environment. Through a coequal collaboration between human and animal medical disciplines, the One Health approach demonstrates that the health of animals used for food is directly tied to humanity’s future objectives. 

As antibiotic resistance is building, the risk of diseases decimating animal populations puts the global food supply at risk and poses a serious threat to humans. With more animals needed to feed the population, the potential of a disease transmissible to humans emerging—and antibiotic resistance in humans—increases.

One Health tracks diseases wherever they are found and helps prevent and react quickly to outbreaks. To effectively detect, respond to, and prevent zoonoses and food safety problems, epidemiological data and laboratory information should be shared across sectors. Government officials, researchers, and workers across various sectors at the local, national, regional and global levels should implement joint responses to health threats.