Innovation and biotechnology promise assistance with improved diagnostics and genomics applied to develop next-generation vaccines to prevent disease as well as the development of alternatives to antibiotics tackling disease resistance. The trend toward antibiotic resistance poses a global threat to humans and animals. 

As animal health companies consolidate, they often face cost-cutting demands that put pressure on R&D spending. As has happened with the larger pharmaceutical industry, the leading animal health companies are finding themselves increasingly open to partner with smaller companies such as EVAH and other external collaborators in fostering innovation.

EVAH is addressing a gap in the Animal Health Industry where large players partner with small biotech companies to create an animal health community.

  1. Research and innovation often stem from academic institutions, scientific community, and governments.
  2. EVAH will conduct the three phases of research and development and negotiate agreements with multinationals to monetize its technologies .
  3. Large Animal Health Companies have the resource and expertise to commercialize products globally.