EVAH Corp is a proud Canadian biotechnology company based in Quebec that is focused on developing animal health technologies. Our mission is to find better ways to feed the planet, address consumer needs for non-antibiotic protein, and increase the sustainability of food by fostering innovation.

With the global population forecasted to reach 9 billion by 2050, a 100% increase in food supply will be required to feed the planet. Without increased sustainability in food production, achieving net-zero emissions will be impossible, regardless of other measures taken. Additionally, the increased number of livestock and exposure of related diseases to humans creates a higher probability of future global pandemics. 

With more animals needed to feed the population, the risk of a disease transmissible to humans in addition to antibiotic resistance in humans increases. As antibiotic resistance is building, the risk of diseases decimating animal populations puts the global food supply at risk and poses a serious risk to humans.

Enhancing food animal health will be essential to protect the planet and human health. The One Health Approach concept demonstrates that the health of the animals used for food is directly tied to humanity’s future objectives. 

Increasing the economic efficiency of environmentally sustainable food will be imperative for Canada and the world to achieve net-zero targets.

EVAH’s platform develops the animal health technologies the planet needs. These will help build the resilience of the Canadian and global food supply chain and contribute to Canada’s climate change and human health goals.