Game-changing technologies and significant innovation support producers in improving sustainability, traceability and animal welfare along the entire food supply chain. Connecting with consumers based on values requires supporting animal-related causes and furthering advances in the treatment of food animals.

Increasing the economic efficiency of environmentally sustainable food will be imperative for Canada and the world to achieve net-zero targets.

EVAH is developing partnerships to create a Canadian animal health technology business and IP platform bolstering the biomedical innovation industry, helping build the resilience of the Canadian and global food supply chains and contributing to alleviate climate change and reach human health goals.

Development of EVAH’s technologies currently employs 28 people, in majority women in science.


  • Rising number of aquaculture farms fosters market growth but also results in a higher incidence of infectious diseases in fish.
  • Growth in the swine market has been driven by increased regulatory requirements and a move away from synthetic feed additives, which are known to have negative health effects on both animals and humans.
  • North America is the largest swine market due to high pork consumption and significant number of FDA-approved vaccines, while Europe contributes significantly to growth due to a growing number of pig farms.
  • The global poultry vaccines market was valued at US$4B in 2020 and is expected to reach US$6B by 2023 (CAGR +12.0%). Factors leading to this growth include increased consumer awareness regarding food safety and government initiatives with regard to human and animal health.