EVAH Closes Series B Financing of $8.5 million

All dollar figures are in Canadian dollars

MONTRÉAL, QUÉBEC (March 21st, 2023) – EVAH Corp. (EVAH or the company) has announced the successful completion of a Series B financing round, raising $8.5 million. This additional financing brings EVAH’s total funding since its launch in 2020 to $28.5 million.

A business and development platform in the animal health industry, EVAH specializes in the development of vaccines to prevent bacterial diseases in food animals. The company also designs microbiome solutions for improved growth performance and medicated feed against parasites. 

As antimicrobial resistance continues to be a major global health challenge in food animal production, effective vaccines are crucial for animal welfare and the sustainability of the food chain, in keeping with the United Nations’ One Health approach. EVAH’s cutting-edge solutions aim to reduce the use of antibiotics and ensure safe and healthy food for all. Routine use of antibiotics is banned or severely restricted in many countries and need to be replaced by effective vaccines. 

EVAH’s Series B funding round included Gestion Yves Roy and M.R. Capital et Investissements, the investment arm of entrepreneur Martin Roberge, as well as Vall Companys, Grupo Fuertes, and Groupe Jafaco Gestion. The Vall Companys Group and Grupo Fuertes are both family-owned agri-food group companies based in Spain while Jafaco Gestion is an agri-food producer based in Quebec. 

We are greatly thankful to our strategic partners who share a keen interest for innovation and sustainability of the food chain to better feed the planet. Their investment not only confirms the importance of EVAH’s mission to develop effective vaccines and microbiome solutions, but also provides us with the resources and expertise to bring our products to market” said Michel Fortin, President and CEO of EVAH. “We are also grateful to a group of investors including friends and business collaborators for their continued contribution to our success.”  

The Series B funding will enable EVAH to accelerate the development of EVAH’s innovative technologies to the commercialization stage and expand the company’s global footprint.

With its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and One Health, EVAH is poised to lead the way in creating a better future for animals, people, and the planet,” added Michel Fortin. 

A Seasoned and Highly Successful Team

EVAH was founded in May 2020 and currently employs 26 staff members, a majority of whom are highly qualified women in science. Its four R&D projects will positively impact three economic regions: Saint-Hyacinthe’s agrifood zone, Laval’s Cité de la Biotech and the Atlantic provinces’ aquaculture industry. Thanks to its large contact network in the animal health industry in Canada and abroad, the EVAH team will act as an ambassador for its sector and for scientific innovation.

About the United Nations’ One Health Approach

The One Health global health approach recognizes that the health of animals, people, plants and the environment is interconnected. EVAH Corp. supports human health through nutrition by helping create solutions to reduce—and even remove—the risk of exposure to animal diseases in the agrifood industry. EVAH designs solutions that seek to reduce the amount of antibiotics used in the animal food chain. http://www.fao.org/one-health/en/ 

About EVAH Corp. 

Standing for Evolution in Animal Health, EVAH is innovating for a better tomorrow. We are a Canada-based biotechnology company with a global perspective. Our team of managers and scientists is acquiring and developing animal health technologies and collaborating with research and development experts to bring them to the pre-commercial stage. We are positioned to respond to global trends in the food-producing animal space and tap-growing markets for productivity-enhancing solutions to sustainably feed the world thanks to healthy animal production and address consumer needs for non-antibiotic protein.


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